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Turquoise Trinket Dish for Jewellery

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Colour: Teal/Gold

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This beautiful turquoise blue ring dish has been handmade from polymer clay, hand painted with glossy paint which once dry creates a beautiful fractured pool in the centre to create a unique design every time.  

A beautiful ring holder for your home or given as a gift, keeping everyday rings and trinkets safe.

Product Details

  • This dish will take create approx 5 days to create to allow for the drying process of the paint and varnish.
  • The base of this dish is white.
  • Measurements ring dish diameter approx. 3.5 inches, trinket bowl depth approx. 1 inch
  • Handmade from polymer clay, paint and a gloss finish.
  • This is NOT a ceramic dish, handmade from polymer clay a light, pliable yet stronger material that is harder to break (see information below)
  • Our handmade trinkets dishes can vary slightly in colour and design making each dish unique.
  • All my items will be sent carefully gift wrapped.

Postage & Packing from only £2.75* UK orders

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*Charges vary on size & weight

What is Polymer Clay? Unlike ceramic/pottery clay polymer clay is an art medium that is versatile and pliable. Composed of polymers, resins, colouring agents and fillers. It is not a natural clay but man-made from a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base.



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