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New chunky statement necklaces at Lottie Of London Jewellery

Have Fun with our New Chunky Statement Necklaces | Lottie Of London Jewellery

Summer is almost upon us and at Lottie Of London Jewellery we're celebrating with our latest collection of chunky statement necklaces.

Available in three bold colours, each necklace has been splashed with bright and bold confetti colours.  Our chunky handmade beads measure 22mm in size and are guaranteed to make the perfect statement this season.


White Chunky Statement Necklace | Confetti at Lottie Of London Jewellery


CONFETTI | White Statement Necklace 



 Yellow Chunky Statement Necklace | Fiesta at Lottie Of London Jewellery

FIESTA | Yellow Chunky Statement Necklace


 Black Chunky Statement Necklace | Party at Lottie Of London Jewellery

PARTY | Black Chunky Statement Necklace 


At Lottie Of London we handcraft all our beads, if your interested in having something designed for yourself, maybe one of my necklaces in colours to match a special outfit or even to mix my designs up a little, please feel free to contact me at info@lottieoflondon.co.uk and I can discuss your ideas and requirements to create your perfect necklace combination.

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