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I'm in love with Prue Leiths style on The Great British Bake Off

With The Great British Bake Off drawing to a close, this years series has grabbed my attention in more ways than just cake.

I am in Love with Prue Leiths style!

I was a fan of Prue Leith on the BBC's The Great British Menu, but how did I not notice her bold flair for fashion.  Maybe it was because she was mostly sat behind a table waiting to pass judgement on the dishes set before her.

On The Great British Bake Off however, we get to see Prue's style in all its colourful glory and its just as delightful as the baking creations of this years contestants.


Fashions Fade Quote - Yves Saint Laurent


Not only are Prue's clothes splashed with colour from her bold coral tunic to her bright yellow blazer, she adds to this with her wonderful accessories such as her smart colour block specs and unusual statement necklaces. 

Prue Leith truly knows how to stand out from the crowd.

You can see more of Prue Leiths fabulous style on her Instagram account Here.

*This blog post was written as an appreciation post to The Great British Bake Off and these necklaces have not been featured on the programme.




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