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Mandala Ring Dishes! But what are mandalas?

Mandala Ring Dishes! But what are mandalas?

Our latest collection of mandala ring dishes are proving very popular this season.  With their beautifully intricate designs they make for quite an eye catching centre piece for your home.  But what are mandalas?

Pronounced mon-dah-lah, mandalas represent wholeness, a diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity.  They are often circular designs to symbolise the notion that life is never ending.

Many mandalas have a spiritual significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism.  The Hindus where the first to use mandalas, but many are more familiar with the ones created by Buddhism.

Vajravarahi Mandala, Tibet, 19th century

Vajravarahi MandalaTibet, 19th century

In some spiritual traditions mandalas may be used for focusing attention and would be used as a spiritual guidance tool to establish a sacred space and aid meditation.

 In modern day life mandalas are now more commonly know a a generic symbol for a diagram or geometric pattern often seen within mindfulness colouring books.

Free Mandala Coloring Pages

 Free mandala colouring pages


Pop on over to Lottie of London to see our latest collection of mandala ring dishes and pendant necklaces.



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