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Red Long Statement Necklace Commission

Red Long Statement Necklace Commission

I love to colour mix at Lottie Of London Jewellery and my recent commission request was no exception.

I was asked to create my popular long statement necklace with red hues to coordinate with a clients coat.

When mixing primary colours such as green and blue you can shift the colour to lighter or darker resulting in a pale blue or navy blue for example. Working with red is a little different although adding black will darken a red into burgundy, adding white will quickly start to turn the colour pink and yellow will shift the red into a coral hue before becoming orange.

So it was decided to stick with the obvious bold red and shift into burgundy.

So after some colour mixing and testing I created a selection of seven red hues for my client to make her final selection, as seen below.

Red Beads at Lottie Of London Jewellery


Once the final colours had been decided I set about creating the necklace and matching drop earrings.

Red statement necklace & drop earrings


If your interested in having something designed for yourself, maybe one of my necklaces in colours to match a special outfit or even a mixture of bead designs? Please feel free to contact me at info@lottieoflondon.co.uk and I can discuss your ideas and requirements to create your perfect necklace combination.


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