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Polymer Clay tutorials for colour palettes | PDF's at Lottie of London

Introducing Polymer Clay Colour Tutorials

Commissions for jewellery aren't the only thing I get requests for here at Lottie Of London.  I often get requests for the colour recipes that I create especially for my designs.

I love colour mixing for both my customers to create something special for a unique commission or playing with colour mixes for inspiration on new designs.

 Colour Pallette Tutorials at Lottie Of London


So it made sense that as I have my recipes written down to turn these nuggets of infomation into PDF Tutorials for the polymer clay community.  My PDF tutorials are now available to purchase both from my website here but also in my Etsy store.

Polymer Clay tutorials for colour palettes | Sail Boat Colour Palette


So whats so different about my colour palettes?  Polymer clay is available in a wide variety of colours but rather than have stacks of little or even large blocks of all these colours I decided a long time ago to learn how to make my own from only the Fimo True Professional Colours.

Fimo True Professional Polymer Clay


6 colours plus black and white are all that's needed to create my recipes and its a great way of learning colour theory.

You can of course use any brand of polymer clay to create these recipes, your colours will turn out different but that's the fun in colour mixing!

I'll be adding more of my personal recipes over the coming months but also create some new yummy recipes for your to try like our Candy Palette Tutorial.


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