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Playing with new ideas at Lottie Of London Jewellery

New Ideas at Lottie Of London Jewellery

January provided not only a long month but a quiet one and here at Lottie Of London its the perfect time to explore new ideas and get creative.

I've started off on a good footing setting out one day a week to try new things and test new colour combnations.

Here's what was happening at Lottie of London in January


Muted Colours at Lottie Of London

I've been playing around with clay sheets this month, despite my years of claying this is a first for me and something to explore further.  I've created our popular semi circle earrings with these muted tones perfect for the current season. 

Terrazzo Pendants and Earrings at Lottie Of London

My muted tones was used again for these pendants and earrings but for a fresher spring feel they've been combined with a white back ground.

Pink semi circle drop earrings at Lottie Of London Jewellery

Playing with our silk screens I couldn't resisit this floral design on our dusty pink clay.

There's more to show but I'll save that for another post, in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for these items to hit the website soon including these cuties coming soon.

Coming soon new cactus and succulent necklace at Lottie Of London Jewellery


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